Selling Your Home

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Selling Your Home

it’s smart to prepare a home selling plan.

Most people who sell do so to buy another home. Put a list of neighborhoods where you may want to live and drive through those areas. Weigh your options. as you might find you prefer to stay where you are.

Interview real estate agents, Ask each listing agent to present a marketing plan that explains what they will do to market your home.

Preparing Your Home for Sale:  you will want to move out bulky and excess furniture. Stick extra stuff in the garage or a private storage unit.

Repairs Before Selling: Since not all resale repairs make sense you don’t want to spend a lot of money making improvements.

Home Staging:  ask your agent to help stage or stage it yourself. You will get more for your home if it is staged. Staging tends to pay for itself.

Home Pricing:  Homes that are overpriced often sell for less than market value. Try to compare similar homes of similar square footage within the past 3 months to determine value.


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