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Luxury Real Estate


Today’s Luxury real estate home buyers include high-income employees from the high tech industry in Los Angeles. And great curb appeal is just one of many buyer requirements. Builders of today’s luxury homes are making works of art that cater to the homeowner’s modern lifestyle.

But what sells in one market isn’t necessarily considered luxury in another. In Los Angeles, it’s all about the indoor-outdoor flow and expansive views.

Garages for multiple cars are still in high demand in vehicle-dependent cities like Beverly Hills. For builders , if we have land, we have opportunity. We have on market and we have off market Luxury Real estate for sale.

Los Angeles luxury real estate market moves very quickly. Once on the market, a good deal can disappear within a few days. Cash is still going to be a major deciding factor in 2018, especially in high end luxury real estate markets such as Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Bel Air.

With cash, the seller does not need to deal with the loan approval process, appraisals, or other types of contingencies that can greatly affect the buying / selling process.

A fast closing is what every seller is looking for.  With cash transactions, sellers do not risk committing to a buyer whose bank may reject their loan. It goes to follow that sellers do not have to worry about the appraisal of their property, since appraisals many times fall short in Luxury properties.


Strong negotiation skills are necessary when dealing in the luxury real estate market. So much is going on at the same time. Much of this skill is due to an agent “knowing” their product and area. Effective luxury real estate agents should be well-informed so that they can leverage knowledge in your favor during negotiations.

As a buyer staying informed about the market is important. For sellers, being aware of up-to-date market news helps develop realistic asking price. When it comes to staying ahead of the competition, maintaining knowledge of the market is always going to give buyers an edge. We urge buyers and sellers alike to constantly research the markets around them before selling or buying real estate in Los Angeles.

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